Travelling with your friends can be insanely fun while taking a solo trip can help you discover your own true self. But one travel companion you may not have thought of yet is your very own mother. She is someone who has been by your side throughout, and she will make your holiday experience even more special. Travelling together is a great way to renew the extraordinary bond you share with her and to make lots of beautiful memories.

So here’s a list of five reasons why you need to plan a trip with your mom right now.

1. A Friend Like None Other

It is extremely important to be comfortable with your travel buddy. There is probably no one in the world with whom you are as at ease as you are with your own mother. She understands you, knows your interests, and tolerates your quirky habits. The equation you share with her is unmatched. She won’t even complain when you ask her to click a hundred pictures of you in the same pose! You can completely be yourself around her without the fear of being judged. What could be better? It goes without saying, she will always have your back in any and every situation.

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2. Royally Pampered

While you may be old and mature enough to take care of all your expenses, your mother will never stop seeing you as her little baby and she will insist on paying for you everywhere. You will be splurged on and spoilt, and you will not have to think twice about buying those pretty travel souvenirs. Additionally, her bargaining skills and general experience with the world will ensure you get fantastic deals on luxurious accommodation and good quality food.

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3. Countless Shopping Bags

Your friends might get tired of your constant need to shop but your mother will not. Isn’t that great? After all, what is a trip to a new place like Bali or Goa if you do not come back with handicrafts, souvenirs, and clothes from there? Your mum has been your shopping partner all your life and you can be sure that she will deliver now. You will not have to worry about buying the wrong products because she will be right there to give you sensible advice.

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4. Healthy And Happy

The one thing that can completely spoil a good vacation is falling sick. When you are trying new cuisines, exploring new places all day long, and leaving no time for rest, your body can suffer. But with mommy around, there is no need to fear. There is no doubt that she will carry all the necessary medicines and home remedies to cure you of any health problem you may face. Besides, her warm hugs and comforting presence always speed up the healing process.

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5. Memories For Life

When you’re on a trip to a beautiful destination, having someone special to share your joy and to experience what you are experiencing is a wonderful feeling. As someone who loves you unconditionally and knows you better than you know yourself, your mother is the perfect person to share these memories with. Your vacation with your mom may not be as ‘cool’ as a road trip with your friends, but it will definitely be memorable.

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She has been your lifelong companion and it’s time you take the initiative to create special memories with her. Allow us to make planning this trip easier; check out our packages here. Both of you will treasure the time you spend together on this trip more than you realise right now. So pack your bags and head to your dream destination with your mother now! 

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