“To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world” – Freya Stark.  Traveling helps one discover beautiful things. Whether you explore places, different cultures or meet new people, there is always something exciting to see or learn. Sometimes travel also changes the way you think or see the world. It is supremely humbling too, as you realize you are just a tiny speck dotting this vast universe. This realization has the power to change you as a person, conventionally for the better. Later in life, narrating your travel experiences to your friends or family is something which is bound to make you happy and nostalgic. Reading that diary of yours will take you back in time, evoking memories which make you smile even after many years. These are just a few of the many reasons as to why you should travel whenever you can. It also helps to know a few awe-inspiring unusual words related to travel to be able to firmly etch the experience in mind and the travel diary using these words as the building blocks.


DÉRIVE refers to when you’re wandering through a new place and you just happen to find a path that takes you to great discoveries.


Fernweh has originated from German and describes an ache to get away and travel to a distant place. It means something similar to what wanderlust does, except the feeling, is much stronger.


Solivagant is often referred to as a lost word. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful word that is about encourages one to travel alone.


Resfeber has originated from Swedish. It refers to the nervousness and anxiety you feel before embarking on a journey. This feeling is what makes “butterflies flutter in your stomach” while you pack your bags.


This captivating word means to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.


Peripatetic is a word which is used to describe a person who spends his/her time wandering or traveling. A peripatetic, however, may not realize that this word exists.


This word refers to a craving for a familiar land. It is most likely a desire to find “home”.


A wayfarer is a person who travels a lot, someone like a gypsy. A wayfarer usually travels on foot.


 Numinous is used when everything feels strange and different. Such feelings arise when you travel to new and foreign places.


A contented, happy state. This word is related to travel because more than once in your life, travel will be the reason for you being in Eudaimonia.

There are hundreds of mesmerizing words related to travel but unfortunately, all of them cannot be listed here. Trouvaille (French), Saudade (Portuguese), Hygge (Danish), Waldeinsamkeit (German) are a few more examples of such awe-inspiring words which have beautiful meanings and which, in fact, should be more in use. These words describe the feelings, situations, and experiences perfectly. Apart from words, there are some travel quotes that will give you a lot of motivation to travel.

Now, whenever you decide to take a walk down memory lane, alone or with someone, be sure to use these words and get elevated to the rank of a spirited traveler!

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