“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”-Susan Sontag.

There are a number of captivating places in the world. To travel is to explore, discover and learn. Travelling can provide you with a well-deserved break from the monotonous daily routine, a newfound enthusiasm for life or more worldly wisdom than before. Before a trip, you tend to think more about what you will do when you reach your destination. You may, however, overlook the things you can do, to make your journey more eventful. There are many things to do when you’re on a long flight so that you look forward to your journey as much as the destination.

  • Sleep deprived? Now is your time to cover up.

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This is mandatory for someone who loves to sleep or is sleep deprived. The flight can be your getaway and you can make up for all the sleep you’ve lost because of your busy routine. Flights can be relaxing in their own way. Switch off your phone, maybe carry a small pillow with yourself, close your eyes and dream away. Most people sleep on long flights which are usually a good idea.

  • Wanted to read a book since long? Do it now.

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It is only practical to carry with yourself some reading material. Whether you carry some magazines, comics or a novel, you should have at least something to read. The tranquility and serenity you experience during the flight allow you to read in peace. If it’s a long flight, you’ll probably have ample time to finish whatever you started reading and the closure is satisfying.

  • Because music is love.

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Carry your music devices on the flight. Mobile phones are commonly used by most people for this purpose. Make sure you download some of the latest songs before your trip. Listening to music is a popular hobby and it saves many from boredom. Just put on your earphones, look out the window and hum along to your favorite songs. Time will pass you by quickly.

  • Who doesn’t love playing games?

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If you’re traveling with another person or a few more people, carry a board game or two. Travel pack cards are available and this is a great way to spend time with your friends. You can even innovate with your own paper and pen games. Or if you are travelling with someone, you can play cards. It it always a good idea to carry cards.

  • Mobile applications at your rescue

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You can put your mobile on flight mode and play the games you have on your phone which you may not get time for at home. Before the trip, download a few different applications and make use of these during the flight. These games are quite addictive, so the duration of the flight won’t bother you as much.

  • Love movies? Do watch it when you can.

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This is a favorite amongst all. There are movies that suit everyone, whether you are an adult, a child or a teenager. Watching movies is something most people enjoy, so why not utilize your free time during the flight by watching one of your favorite movies or one you never got time to watch.

And with Hotstar’s and Netflix’s download feature, you can always download some movies before your flight so that you don’t have to get bored during the flight.

  • Socialize, because who knows you might add a friend to your list

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It’s always a good idea to make new friends. Talk to people sitting around you or to someone who looks your age. You may discover something in common with your newfound friend. The conversation you will have with this person or these people is bound to take up most of your time. By the end of the flight, you might’ve have found someone to stay in touch with. You will never know just how much you may connect with someone new if you don’t give it a try.

  • Write something that has been on your mind for too long.

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Write about your experiences in a small pocket diary, write a short story for fun or maybe even some catchy lyrics to a song you made up. The possibilities are endless. You can even draw or doodle a little. If you’re alone on the flight, make good use of this “alone time”. Writing is one of the best ways to do the same.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from. Just pick whichever you fancy the most and turn mundane into memorable.

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