As Hans Anderson said, “To travel is to live”. Traveling is an activity that one truly enjoys, and in order to enhance the experience, one needs to adopt certain strategies like traveling light and being organized. There are a number of “hacks” that have been discovered and used by avid travelers which are gradually becoming popular.


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Book Tickets Online

The Internet is your best friend when it comes to preparing for your work or leisure trip. Right from booking the travel tickets (road, rail or air) to selecting the accommodation can be achieved fairly easily in the comfort of your home through various online options.

Choose The Best Deal

Devote some time to choose the deal which suits you best. Some travel related websites have user reviews which might prove to be really useful if this is your first trip to a particular destination.

Explore Your Options

Many popular tourist destinations have the option of booking sightseeing tours online or by phone, prior to the travel. This bit of extra work before the trip will minimize the hassles one might face after landing at the destination and also make the trip more streamlined.

Organize Your Documents

If you are traveling overseas, make a soft copy of your passport tickets and other important documents. This will come in handy in case you lose them or they get stolen.

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Travel Hacks

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Manage Your Clothes

Roll your clothes instead of folding them while packing. This saves a lot of space and you can fit more of your favorite things for the trip.

Save Space

Put undergarments and socks in your shoes which will also help save space.

No Separate Case For Chargers And Earphones

Sunglasses cases act as great containers for chargers and earphones.

Mark Your Luggage As Fragile

Mark your baggage as fragile if there is something breakable in it. Your luggage is kept at the top because of this and will also make it one of the first bags to be released (if you are traveling by air).

Tranfer Your Toiletries

Carry the toiletries in small empty pet bottles of medicines or condiments instead of taking the original big bottles.

These travel hacks can save a lot of your space as well as time and helps you get more organized.

When you arrive.

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Carry Your Power Bank

Remember to carry your power strip or your power bank and be everyone’s hero.

Buy Your Groceries

If you are staying at a hotel, shop for groceries when you arrive. You don’t have to shop for a feast, but getting basics like water and a few snacks in local stores instead of at the hotel can save you a ton.

Do not Empty Your Entire Suitcase

When you reach your hotel room or wherever you are staying do not empty your suitcase completely. Take out only the necessities and leave the rest in the suitcase otherwise repacking will become a nightmare. This will also reduce the chances of you leaving something behind.

While exploring.

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Learn Basic Words Of Native Language

If you are traveling to a place where English is not the primary language, then try and learn at least a few basic words of the native language.

Enjoy Scrumptious Local Food

Eat local food. Do not eat from fast food chains that you can find in your home country. If you eat locally, you will save money and get to enjoy a new cuisine. 

After you return.

Travel Hacks

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Avoid Emptying Toiletry Bag

If you plan to travel again sometime soon or are a frequent traveler, then while unpacking leaves your toiletry bag or pouch in the suitcase so you do not have to organize it for the next trip.

Unpack Immediately

Unpack immediately. It may seem like a chore but do not leave it for later because it will just be a constant burden and you may need something from your suitcase.


Even though you might be tempted to just throw a few things in your suitcase and scoot off to your destination without a care in the world, a little bit of thought and preparation will go a long way in making your journey hassle free and more enjoyable.

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Bon Voyage!