Deep down, all of us are tired, tired of letting people in, letting people go, of heartbreaks and of trying to find one meaningful relationship. And as single ladies, we are strong throughout the year, but then comes the second week of February, and we start to get lonely again. That’s the thing about Valentines. It makes you want company, the company of somebody you can gel along, have fun, feel loved and wanted. But, you don’t necessarily need a man. Do you? Dear woman, all you need is a trip. A trip to a place you haven’t been before. Be it with friends, or with some complete strangers. travelling not only helps transcend the drudgery of everyday lives but also enriches and transforms us. So this Valentines, all you need is to plan yourself a trip and to understand that travel is the most meaningful relationship a woman can have and we have 6 solid reasons for the same. 

It gives you company

You need not necessarily travel with your friends from school or college. It’s time you meet new people. Join a group where like minded strangers come together and travel. The people you meet while travelling becomes some of the most important people in your address book. If you are an extrovert, you will love it. And if you are an introvert, it’s even better for it will bring you with significant opportunities to come out of your shell and make new friends. The more people you mingle with, the more you start looking past your own problems and realize how big the world is!


It gives you experiences

Travelling enlightens you about cultures and traditions of different places. You may suddenly discover one of your latent selves who is very much interested in art and crafts, all thanks to travelling. Each destination will offer some drool-worthy delicacies which you must try at least once so not to betray your taste buds. So, don’t regret, if you couldn’t have dinner dates. You can have a cozy meal with the locals and your travel buddies.


It Makes You Happy

Why do we want a relationship? Definitely, because it will make us happier than we are. The reason why you need to be in a relationship with your travel goals. Travelling has an enormous impact on how we view life. Happiness is contagious, and when you see the smiling faces of locals, you can’t help but be happy. You get to learn about the hardships of other people, and hence you start cherishing your privileged lifestyle a bit more. Also, detachment from social media detoxes your senses and soothes your nerves.


It gives you, your space, your ‘ME’ time

Travelling helps us to spend more time with our own selves which in turn brings our real personalities to the limelight. We get to know ourselves better. It helps us sort our priorities in life and makes us reevaluate our problems and anxieties. It widens our horizons and gives us a different perspective towards life. To sum it up, travelling makes you a better person.


It gives you Adrenaline Rush

What is a relationship if it can’t evoke butterflies in your belly. Travelling provides excellent challenges to revitalize the adventure junkie in you. Overcoming them is not only one hell of a moment but also fills you with the satisfaction of accomplishing something worthwhile. When you’ll be sitting with your grandkids, you do need something to brag about, don’t you? And cmon, we all know, a story about a trek or an adventure will be way more interesting than a story about a useless boyfriend.Right?


It gives you freedom

Damn. We have all had possessive boyfriends and while it may have been okay to deal with in the beginning, but doesn’t prove to be healthy in the long run.  However, travelling can give you a new sense of freedom as you finally get to do what you actually want and wish for. Travel alone or pick a partner, trek in the Himalayas or just go for a short road trip- your call. Dance around the bonfire or just lie in your hotel room and watch Tv. Wear a short skirt or an Anarkali; it’s all your call. But make sure you do what your heart tells you to. For life is short so it only makes sense if we make the most out of it.


So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at some of the trips we have curated for you, and gift yourself something worthwhile this Valentines.